Payment Methods

Payment FAQ

Q1: Why does a credit card fail to pay sometimes?

A1: There are many reasons for the failure as follows:

1. The credit card hasn’t been authorized to pay internationally and you should contact your issuing bank for the solution.

2. Each IP address is allowed to pay only once in a day. It means you can only pay one order in a day.

3. The limit of the credit card is not enough

4. Our credit-card system doesn’t accept the credit card, please try another card

5. The billing address of the credit card is different from the address that you receive the order

6. The information of the credit card that you input is wrong, such as the card number, CVC code and so on.

Q2: How to resolve the above payment problems?

A2: Try a different card

Make sure the shipping information is same as billing information.

Q3: Why is my payment pending after I have paid?

A3: One possible reason is that your payment is not successful, please wait for further notice. Once your payment is received, the status of your order will change to “Paid”. If the money is deducted from your card but the order status still remains “Pending”, please contact us through E-mail and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Q4: How secure is my payment?

A4: Payments via escrow are protected with VeriSign encryption, the highest encryption technology commercially available.We promise you that the information of your credit card as well as keeping your account details secret.

Q5:How do I know whether my payment is received or not?

A5: You can check your order status to see whether your payment is confirmed by us, and the bank will send you a confirmation email to you once the payment go through.

Q6: Why was I overcharged?

A6:As we known, your bank might charge you International exchange rate and service charge. We actually charge you the price of your order.